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Oct. 14th, 2008

Something....something seems missing.

A-anyway, guys guys guys! anyone wanna come over to my dorm and play some games? I've been SOOO weeds bored lately! I have some super cool games! Like robot fighting games, or this one where you get to plant crops and flowers...you know petals sweet games like that! So hm, hm, anyone wanna hang at my place? That is if you think you can beat me at vs. mode! Heh heh, I've gotten pretty good at using my hands in human form! *grin*

Tulips, it's been so tough keeping track of all the cool stuff going on in this school lately~ @->

Back from disease land!

Oh man!


I...well I didn't want to admit it, but I got REALLY super sick....so I've kinda been down in the weeds for the past couple weeks... I'm feeling just roses now though, really! I can't believe how long that took to get over...even with medicine. I thought I was gonna die, for real! But I guess I was too tough for that cold, you bet!

I could barely get out of bed, it was AWEFUL! The most I could do was sit and play my robot games. Which are petals awesome by the way, though it was hard to concentrate, my head was all daisy dizzy!  I can't wait to play more now that I'm better!

Oh! OH MAN! and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH SABLE!!! I mean, WOW. BOUQUETTE! This bow is like, THE coolest thing in existance! I'm going to wear it RIGHT AWAY! and now that Shaymin has one too, we can match! Heck yeah!!

It seems like everyone was wearing hats lately? Though it looks like everyone stopped....is that still cool? Well I still think it's cool! So I'm gonna wear the bow on my head! You guys really had the right idea, I think!

Yeah this is SO petals awesome! To the max! Heh heh heh~ *smirk*

Well I'll see all you guys around! Thanks for worrying about me so much, though you really didn't have to, I turned out just poseys!

nothings wrong with me at all, sillies!

*cough cough*

H-hey guys! I heard you all got to fight an ursaring! Man that is SO cool!  I can't- can't- *cough hack* ..believe I didn't sign up for that class yet! Oh well, I bet I coulda beat that bear no sweat!

I'm s..so pumped up just thinking about the fights you musta had! I'm still waitin to see is anyone wants to have a battle with me, cuz I'm as fit as a- *cough cough cough sniffle* as a flower in the spring, you betcha! 

*shiver* 8D

((OOC: I just got over a fever yesterday, and I still have a cough, so Sky gets it too! XD))

Hey guys, it's getting weeeeds boring around here! Atleast for me, heheh.

I came here to get stronger, and all I'm doing is learnin how to add numbers in different ways and stuff! Boring! (Well, Mr. Otacon's class was pretty petals hardcore but for some reason I don't remember a lot of it..)

I don't really like fighting out of mean-spirit... but I really love a good battle like any Pokemon would! I need training! I gotta <strike>gain levels and stats</strike> get stronger somehow! 

So does anyone wanna have a friendly battle with me sometime soon? C'mon anyone? I know someone out there has'ta be itchin for a good battle as much as I am! And since it wouldn't be for a grade or nothin, we could just duke it out for fun like in my shonen mangas! What's a good story without lots of random battles <strike>every 5 steps in tall grass</strike> happening all the time?

Hey sis, you doin alright? We don't talk a whole lot lately, I get lonely without you around all the time like before! Well er...not THAT lonely. I just hope YOU'RE not getting too lonely! Making some friends?

 Boy this typing thing sure is a TON faster as a human! Though I'm still getting used to it.  There are some funny symbols on here!

* look at this one! It looks like a little flower! @ this one too!


Look it's a row of flowers! I should put that in every journal I make! Yeah it's like a super petals awesome secret code!

*((43%$~"'||  ~~** woow  .-'`-..-~`' 

\|/ \|/ 


--( ( ) )--

This is fun!

((OOC: He's just messing around with the keyboard XD))

Petals awesome! I got a job at the Cafe! I get to fly around and serve people and stuff! Sweet! I get to be like...one of those super rosey suave guys you see on TV! I hope the plates I have to carry won't be too big for me...I really need to try out this human thing all the other guys are doing sometime. It might be pretty handy, even if I won't be able to just fly around.

You won't believe it! Some TOTAL jerk was picking on my sister yesterday! What a bully! Boy do I have a petal to pick with that-

Well I won anyway, yup that firebutt was NO match for my awesome flower power! I'm just glad my sis is safe! We might be the same age but I still gotta protect her!

I hear there are some pokemon trainers around here, that's so super cool! People keep saying me and my sis are some kinda "Legend" Pokemon or something...but I have no idea what that means! They said Trainers really want legend-whatever Pokemon..so I better be careful not to get snatched up! Not like they could catch me anyway, heheh. *grin*

I hope the other kids around here arn't as mean as Charmeleon. I know Bulbasaur was a petals awesome dude! We even picked flowers and put them in eachothers hair (well..he didn't have hair...)! I mean, how hardcore can a guy be? That was SO poseys. We should hang out and do more awesome things together, it was fun!  I wanna meet some of the other people too, not just Pokemon, I bet I could be buds with a lot of the cool people here! Like that super robot!

Jun. 22nd, 2008

Guys guys! 


Did you SEE the garden here?? It's IT'S PETALS AWESOME. Seriously! They have roses and daiseys and even these hardcore little pink ones! It just screams AWESOME!  Kinda reminds me of home... I hear there was a gardening club or somethin, I GOTTA get in on that! Only the most absolutely coolestest people muct be in that club! Cool guys like me! Yeah!

There are a lot of Pokemon here too! A whole Bouquette of em! They look like people but I can smell it, they're Pokemon! I need to learn how to do that human thing too, I can only do it for a few seconds.

I think later I'll go to the garden again, I can't get enough of all those flowers! It's the next coolest thing to having like, giant robots in this school! Or maybe it's cooler...I can't decide!


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